"Jamie is the first teacher I've encountered who teaches musicianship rather than just technique. I've met other teachers whose students can play all the notes accurately but Jamie's students make the music beautiful and alive."    --Cathy

"I have been a student of Jamie's for over 8 years and I am amazed at how much I have learned and improved my theory and technique over the years. Jamie is very adaptable, with the rare skill to meet the needs of both adult and younger students. She is a very accomplished pianist herself so she sets an excellent example for her students. If you are looking for a unique and wonderful musical experience for yourself or your child, I highly recommend taking that journey with "Dr. J."    --Jane

"It was scary even thinking of returning to piano after a 10+ year absence. I tried pieces from my youth and was appalled at how eroded my skills had become. Still, I found Jamie Del Priore, scheduled our first appointment, and haven't looked back. She radiates joy in her love of music and she shares that with you. She's got the requisite skills and education, technical know-how, easy-going and warm demeanor and the patience of a SAINT!  Jamie developed a do-able plan to get to my personal goals and, through her guidance and baby-steps, I've developed musically beyond my expectations. I wish every student, young or adult could have a teacher like "Dr. J."  --Cheryl

" Dr. Jamie Lucia Del Priore is the best piano teacher we've ever had! Both of my daughters and I have all had lessons with Jamie. She is a wonderful mixture of warmth, nurturing and high expectations. She's very encouraging with beginners, always finding something positive to say.

Jamie also works well with adults, mixing humor and informality with a demanding lesson. Because Dr.J is so knowledgeable about music and music history and is a talented performer herself, she can teach very advanced students as well.

There is no need to cringe during her student recitals-they're beautiful and she won't let anyone "slide" through--your style and technique must be good, and she helps you accomplish that. I felt completely prepared for my MTAC Certificate of Merit Exams and competitions. I knew Jamie prepared me for success."        

--Laurel (and Elizabeth and Caroline)

"Dr. Jamie Lucia Del Priore was my piano teacher 6 years ago before I moved out of the Bay Area. I've had 3 teachers since then, all good but none matched her level of professionalism. She is truly a remarkable instructor. I found her by chance as a co-worker raved about her child's lessons.

I had taken up piano at age 38 and for 3 years, intermittently applied myself. . . However I felt it worthwhile to press on after making considerable progress with Jamie during 1.5 years.

 . . . Even though it has been 6 years since I studied under Dr. J, sometimes with my repertoire pieces I can still hear her counsel. Suddenly it was drills, metronome, theory, composition, and detailed practice.

She has the right mixture of pressure and compassion . . . at once pushing, demanding and encouraging, she seems like a good athletic coach and instinctively possesses the ability to motivate, teach and inspire.

I along with 22 others performed a recital . . . playing through errors as she teaches us to do, it was simultaneously exhilarating and sobering. The joy of course for having completed the performance and yet to know you can play better. It seems the better you get the more you realize your limits, and the more you appreciate great music . . . Jamie  always and appropriately appreciates your achievement, she also gently raises the bar.

I scheduled my lessons for Friday, early evening. This way it was a reward of sorts at the end of the week and something to look forward to. Sort of a productive happy hour...when really

I would heartily recommend her as an instructor to anyone at any level who has a sincere interest in learning to play piano. I wish I still lived in the San Francisco, CA Bay Area as I would still be with her." --Louis